Extractor Rod Safety Collars

For all Smith & Wesson "K, L &N" frame

revolvers with 4" or longer barrels

Extractor Rod Safety Collar 1

Trapping shell casings under the extractors of Smith & Wesson revolvers is caused by failure to hold the weapon with the muzzle pointed straight up when fully depressing and releasing the extractor rod. The frequency of occurrence seems to increase when reloading in stressful circumstances. Many law enforcement agencies have reported high incidences of this problem in stress training courses and in actual police shooting situations in the field.



Extractor Rod Safety Collar 2

The Aristocrat Extractor Rod Safety Collar is designed to be used in place of the original extractor rod collar. Make sure that the weapon is not loaded. Then simply remove the cylinder from the weapon. Place two fired casings in the cylinder, hold the extractor rod tightly in wood blocks in a vise and remove the extractor rod. The threads are normally left hand, but may be right hand in very old models. Remove the original extractor rod collar and place the Aristocrat Extractor Rod Safety Collar on the extractor rod with the counter bored end facing in the direction illustrated. Replace the rod and tighten securely so that it will not loosen from shooting and replace the cylinder in the weapon.


Extractor Rod Safety Collar 3

The modification can be made quickly and without any special tooling. It prevents the extractor from drawing the spent casing out of the cylinder far enough to allow them to fall under the extractor. When properly installed it will not affect any other function of the weapon.

This product has been used by City, State and Federal law enforcement agencies of all sizes.


Proper assembly of this product and of any firearm is essential to the proper and safe function of both. It is recommended that this work be performed by a qualified professional gunsmith.

Not needed on all firearms of this type! Check to see if you need one!