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Sights for Autoloaders

Tri-Set Adjustable Sight Rib

Model Auto-6

Model Auto-6

These sights brings the convenience, reliability and perfect sight picture of Aristocrat’s PPC revolver ribs to the superbly accurate match autoloaders that are being produced by many gunmakers today.

All Sight adjustments are made on the rear sight.

Range selection is made simple and reliable by rotation of a 3-position cam.

Also available for 5 inch 1911 models the Model Auto-5.

Check out the following instruction sheet for our Tri-Set Sights:

Tri-Set Sights - Adjusting Screw Movements

Precision sight ribs machined from solid bar stock.

All wear points are hardened for long service life.

Designed specifically for PPC competition, the precise user pre-setable adjustmaents are for 7, 25 and 50 yards.

The click elevation adjustments allow for range and ammunition variables. Undercut front and rear sights present the best sight ever.

We now offer installation for the TS-45 Rear Sight on select pistols. Call or email with your model pistol prior to shipping. Do not ship the gun we only need the slide and we do not do accurizing.

U.S. Patent 4,127,943

Watch the video below to see how to remove and install the TS-45 Tri-Set Rear Sight Assembly on an Auto Slide

Tri-Set Adjustable Rear Sight

Model TS-45

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The Auto-6 model is designed for mounting on 6-inch 1911 models. Mounting on other types of pistols will be very limited. The TS-45 and RS-45 models are most often mounted on 1911 variations and they are factory available on the S&W PPC auto. For suitability on other pistols, please consult with your gunsmith.

New and Improved Tri-Set Cam

The new cam design allows the use of a 3/32 hex key wrench or a standard straight screw driver slot. Both are combined into a new convenient design.

Screw Adjustable Rear Sight

Model RS-45

This Duty/Tactical style* sight has a wide variety of uses. It incorporates elevation screw adjustment with Aristocrat’s quality sighting features.

Precision Target Front Sight for TS-45

Model FS-45-DT

We are now offering a new Target Front sight that uses a conventional dove tail installation that will work well with our TS-45 Rear Sight. This sight has the original unique under cut front sight post that offers the sharpest sight picture available. Sight height can be adjusted to work with many other rear sights.

Dove Tail cuts required: 65 deg X.330 X .075 / Sight Height .320 / Machined Steel, Matte Black Finish / Consult your gunsmith for installation.

Precision Target Front SightPrecision Target Front Sight

*Sights shown are not recommended or intended for actual duty or tactical use!

Model R-MK1

(Click for larger pic)

Model R-MK1 - Fits Ruger MKI and MKII with a 5 ½ inch Bull Barrel